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Who we are
Sunset in field photo by Samuel Myles

The Scioto Valley-Piketon Area Council of Governments (SVPA COG) is a partnership between the Pike County Commissioners; the Pike County Health District; the Village of Piketon; the Scioto Valley Local School District; Seal Township; and Scioto Township to organize our community around the safe clean-up of the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PORTS/Atomic or A-Plant) in Piketon.

Ariel shot of the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Image by Oleksandra Bardash of soil testing

Who we are

Pike County Commissioners
Pike County
Health District
Village of Piketon
Scioto Valley Local School District
Seal Township
Scioto Township
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The PORTS facility was a critical component of the United States nuclear arsenal during the Cold War, and because of that service to the nation, our region has earned the support of our government in safely cleaning up the facility and in redeveloping the site to create jobs and opportunities in our community.

What we'e fighting for

What we're fighting for

The SVPA COG is fighting for three simple, clear objectives:



The construction and opening of a new middle school to replace Zahn’s Corner Middle School — that was contaminated by the A-Plant — so that our students have a safe place to learn.

Solar Panel Installation


The reindustrialization of the site, to help reinvigorate the economy and local job market.

Green Farm


A safe and ecologically sound clean-up of the site that protects the community’s health and enables the site to be redeveloped as a regional asset that advances the economy.

We want the A-Plant to become a site that benefits our community and we want the health of our community members to be the priority.

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